Attribute Water Attr Icon Water
Class B Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 1101 1594+398
ATK ATK Icon 253 340+85
DEF DEF Icon 51 51+0
REC REC Icon 385 675+168
MANA MANA Icon 160
Evolves From Wami
Evolves Into Wamiami
Evolve Material Sapphburak
Location Evolution: 1st Stage Obtained on Moonlight Desert - 2

Wamia Icon
Star IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Super Rare Icon

Evolution Tree

Wami Icon Right Arrow Wamia Icon Right Arrow Wamiami Icon
Wami Wamia Wamiami
Plus Icon Plus Icon
Sapphibat Icon Sapphburak Icon
Sapphibat Sapphburak

Leader Skills
Attack Heavy Slash
Attack with 100% ATK
Attack All Star Shower
Attacks all with 75% ATK
Cure All Advanced Purification
Cures all status effects from team
Support Skill
Heal All Fairy Dust
Heals with 100% REC
Passive Ability

Increases Water Monsters' REC by 50%

Wami Left Arrow Wamia Right Arrow Wamiami