• Thomasihkim

    Rate My Team (RMT) System

    November 12, 2015 by Thomasihkim

    Hello to the Monster Squad wiki community!

    This is thomasihkim and welcome to my blog! As you can note, this is called Rate My Team or RMT for short. For those of you who doesn't know what that means, let me explain.

    RMT is a system where people post their squad or team builds and ask others to provide suggestions on how to improve the team. I think that this has been a great help to me in clearing the game's story mode along with several event islands and raids. 

    So here is how it works, if you want to post your team that you want to be looked over by others, then you simply use the following format (or something similar of your choice).


    (insert monster name, level, boost, pet, and magic stones if possible)


    (insert monster name, leveā€¦

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