• Daviza

    Adopt a wikia

    March 19, 2015 by Daviza

    Hey guys. As you may have noticed, Trapalvo is anything buy active in the past 60+ days. He is very inconsistant, so I was thinking about adopting the wikia. But of course, I wanted to discuss it with everyone else first, so I don't just "Hog the glory" to myself.

    I only think I should take it because I am never inactive for more than 2 days, I try and check in at least once a day, and I'm relitivly more active. The only person that really comes to mind that could fit this roll is Fru1tbat, but if you want it, we can discuss. Go ahaid and comment, share your thoughts. I'll give it 2 days, so on Friday night, I'll send the request, or who ever is getting it can.

    Thanks guys! Daviza~

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