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  • Avalas

    Monster Icons (Fire)

    April 22, 2015 by Avalas

    Got all the icons nice and transparent. Have started to upload them.

    Still don't have Jack-o-Paw though. :(

    Still will be uploading/replacing the original file (downloaded them and kept dimensions etc), with those with transparent edges. 

    All Fire icons are going to be uploaded/made rounder today.

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  • Avalas

    Not updated much...

    April 21, 2015 by Avalas

    Not done much contributing in the last few weeks. Computer issues. 

    Still, I've got some more time on my hands soon so I'll started updating/adding more pages in the next couple of days. (Here's hoping). Will try and get a few of the 'lower' star monster's pages done too. 

    Other than that; I've quite a few boosted stats to add (don't know if I'll have time to do them too mind) but at least they're there. On another note, will have to try and find out the rest of the Islands monsters to finally fill that page in. 

    Just going to orginise the files/information I have today on my computer - not really going to upload anything. This will make tomorrow quicker in terms of finishing pages. Lots to do. D=

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  • Avalas


    April 7, 2015 by Avalas

    Finally found Metapanzer! Will upload him tomorrow + evo tree/ skills/ boosted stats. Huzzah, my search has paid off.

    Unfortunately, PanzerPlus, Panzer will not have their boosted/max stats but just basics filled in. D= 

    Location wise: I'm gonna assume you can only get them through evolution/fusion?

    Will upload much more pages tomorrow; not much time today. >.<

    A few pages I have thought of uploading seem to be either done, or just need the new template added so, I'll probably just go between adding new pages and editing existing ones.

    That's all for today. Tally-ho, away. 

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  • Avalas

    Will do these tomorrow: (Clossiron). (Irongiant). (Ironite). (Titan-Foot) (Aquavis) (Midnight)

    Mewcelexia (just got boosted to +5). 

    Will try to keep uploading new monster pages each till more are filled out. I feel sooo behind. D=

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  • Avalas

    Just curious to see if it's just my computer, but I've uploaded and linked the Stonn monster image. (It's not appearing, despite the image working when hitting, "Update", there also seems to be the same error in regards to the DEF stat and it returns to N/A value whenever I leave). I'm a little stumped on how to make it appear if it isn't just my PC.


    Anyway, I do have the following to upload so don't worry too much about these. If they don't have pictures, I'll upload them too, likewise with changing the pages to the monster box template:

    (Both level 1 and level 30 boosted stats): 

    Pheona, Infernopaw, Prim Kong, Derarctus, Chilla

    Rubyscale, Thorni, Glintfang, Moonbright, Spookloak

    These won't have the mana stats unfortunately... But I'm sureā€¦

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