Attribute Fire Attr Icon Fire
Class A Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 3589 4256+1064 6096+1524
ATK ATK Icon 489 614+153 959+239
DEF DEF Icon 128 128+0 128+0
REC REC Icon 564 854+213 1654+413
MANA MANA Icon 240
Evolves From Twinbite
Evolves Into None
Evolve Material N/A
Location Volcano Island (Extreme)

Evolves from Twinbite

Twinblaze Icon
Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Legendary Icon


"Tonight, we dine in Hades!"
Evolution Tree

Twinbark Icon Right Arrow Twinbite Icon Right Arrow Twinblaze Icon
Twinbark Twinbite Twinblaze
Plus Icon Plus Icon
Fire Kong Icon Flame Kong Icon
Fire Kong Flame Kong

Leader Skills
Bleed Explosion Shot
Inflicts Stage 1 Bleed for 10s
Attack + Heal Multi-Bite
Recovers HP while attacking
Attack All Twin Attack
Attacks all with 100% ATK
Shield All Hades Gate
Absorbs damage to the team with Stage 5 shield
Support Skill
Stun Charge
Attacks with 320% ATK and stuns for 2s
Passive Ability

Increases Fire Monsters' DEF by 30%

Twinbite Left Arrow Twinblaze Right Arrow Lowe