The Store is the in-game interface for spending various resources to make purchases. Some store items require gems or gold, others use honor points, and some use real world money (i.e. in-app purchasing).

Mystery Box Edit

The Mystery Box allows the player to spend gems for a random draw from 50 random monsters. The Mystery Box usually resets at the beginning of each month, with 5 preselected 6-star monsters being featured for each period. The player's mystery box draw always includes one of these featured 6-star monsters, three 5-star monsters, and a random assortment of 3 and 4-star monsters, which the player can view before making a purchase/draw. The player can also reset the draw list for gold, but the amount doubles with each attempt, and the featured monster is chosen randomly.

WARNING: The Mystery Box draws may be rigged, with the featured monster often occurring suspiciously late or dead last in the 50-monster "random" draw.[verify]

Cube Edit

Here the player can spend gems, gold, or friend points (or occasionally real-world currency) on various monster and pet cubes.

Energy Edit

Here the player can spend gems to purchase energy.

Gem Edit

Here the player can spend real-world currency on various gem, gold, and cube bundles.

Gold Edit

Here the player can spend gems to acquire gold.

Misc Edit

This area of the store contains various upgrades such as inventory expansion, limited-time boosts, etc.

Honor Edit

This is the area of the store containing all Honor Cubes, which cost Honor Points (obtained in the PvP Arena).

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