Attribute Water Attr Icon Water
Class S Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 3656 4352+1088 6272+1568
ATK ATK Icon 670 815+203 1215+303
DEF DEF Icon 147 147+0 147+0
REC REC Icon 865 1300+325 2500+625
MANA MANA Icon 240
Evolves From Swordgal
Evolves Into None
Evolve Material N/A
Location Yellow Cube in the Honor Store

Slayergal Icon
Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Legendary Icon


"Don't underestimate my blade."
Evolution Tree

Swordgal Icon Right Arrow Slayergal Icon
Swordgal Slayergal
Plus Icon
Prism Kong Icon
Prism Kong

Leader Skills
Heal Weak Urgent Heal [MP: 40]
Heals most hurt ally with 100% REC
Attack All Sword Shower [MP: 60]
Attacks all with 100% ATK
ATK Up + Heal All Total Heal [MP: 100]
Increases team's ATK by 20% for 10s; heals all with 125% REC
REC Down Sword Charge [MP: 150]
Attacks with 350% ATK; decreases 1 enemy's REC by 80%
Support Skill
ATK Up + Heal All Total Heal [Cooldown: 10s]
Increases team's ATK by 50% for 10s; heals all with 220% REC
Passive Ability

Increases Water Monsters HP by 110%

Swordgal Left Arrow Slayergal Right Arrow Aqua Bit

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