Attribute Normal Attr Icon Normal
Class C Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 86 173+43
ATK ATK Icon 24 82+20
DEF DEF Icon 13 13+0
REC REC Icon 36 123+30
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Prisbal
Evolve Material P. Fruit
Location Sprout Island (Sprout-1~3)

Pufbal Icon
Star Icon
Common Icon

Evolution Tree

Pufbal Icon Right Arrow Prisbal Icon
Pufbal Prisbal
Plus Icon
P. Fruit Icon
P. Fruit

Leader Skills
Attack Dark Bubble Shot
Attack with 100% ATK
Support Skill
Critical Up Basis Leader Critical Up
Increases leader's Critical Hit by 15% for 20s
Passive Ability

Increases leader's ATK by 25

None Left Arrow Pufbal Right Arrow Prisbal

Pufbal is a Normal attribute Monster.

It evolves into Prisbal when given the evolution material P. Fruit and both it and the material are boosted +5 and Lv. 30.


Pufbal, hence its name, resembles a puff. The top half of its body is black, while the bottom half is white. It has four "ears", all of which have yellow undersides. Pufbal has white arms with black tips and yellow fists. Its legs are white, short, and stubby. It has a menacing glare, yellow eyebrows, and a round mouth with a tiny entrance in the center. Lastly, it has a small rainbow-colored horn on its forehead.


Sprout IslandEdit

Sprout-1 (Normal, Hard, Hell)

Sprout-2 (Normal, Hard, Hell)

Sprout-3 (Normal, Hard, Hell)


  • Pufbal is the first monster in the index.
    • It is also the first 1 star monster in the Index and first Normal attribute monster in the index.
  • Its horn resembles the horn seen on Pentacorn.
    • This, alongside the fact that it and its evolution were often found alongside the Pentacorn line in Treasure Island, caused many newer players to assume this evolves into Pentacorn after a while.