Attribute Water Attr Icon Water
Class A Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 802
ATK ATK Icon 126
DEF DEF Icon 88
REC REC Icon 240
Evolves From Cold Eldrake
Evolves Into Frozen Eldragon
Evolve Material Polar Eldragon
Location Elemental Island

Polar Eldragon
Polar Eldragon Icon
Star IconStar IconStar Icon
Rare Icon

Polar Eldragon
Evolution Tree

Cold Eldrake Icon Right Arrow Polar Eldragon Icon Right Arrow Frozen Eldragon Icon Right Arrow Glacial Eldragon Icon Right Arrow Tundra Eldragon Icon
Cold Eldrake Polar Eldragon Frozen Eldragon Glacial Eldragon Tundra Eldragon
Plus Icon Plus Icon Plus Icon Plus Icon
Sapphibi Icon Polar Eldragon Icon Frozen Eldragon Icon Glacial Eldragon Icon
Polar Eldragon
Frozen Eldragon
Glacial Eldragon

Leader Skills
Stun Vital point strike
100% damage to single enemy, 25% chance of 1 sec stun
Heal All Howl of ancient dragon
100% heal to all ally
Debuff All Claw of ancient dragon
200% damage to single enemy, remove
Support Skill
Freeze All Fire of ancient dragon
120% damage to all, level 2 freeze
Passive Ability

Increases All Monsters' Critical Chance by 10%

None Left Arrow Polar Eldragon Right Arrow None

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