Thank you for Contributing!Edit

Even though the game isn't active anymore, the Wikia will hopefully remain forever as a great memory for an even greater game.

Make sure you scroll down for a gift from me personally!

A Special Thank You to EVERYONE! Edit

Wszyscy tak bardzo wnieśli i wkładają się w, co się wydarzyło, jak to się stało, jak wszyscy się rozwiją, przez dzielić się wiedzą na temat gry. Było tak wielu, ale pomagało, ale chciałem dać specjalny okrzyk korzyściym z fcfuck.

Thank you Poulpinou for answering user questions, and working on the pages.

Thank you Avalas for all the pictures, and pages you fixed up/added for us.

Thank you GonTheGod for keeping the activity up, creating engaging discussion topics, and staying active till the very end.

And last, the BIGGEST thanks to Fru1tbat. Although I can take credit for kick starting the Wikia to life, I can not take credit for most work put in. It was almost inspiring how much time you put into this page, while knowing you would get nothing in return. I hope every Wikia page gets one of you! :)

A Gift for all Edit

The Unofficial Monster Squad OST

Main linksEdit

  • Intro – Help to get you started.
  • Gameplay – Details on how the game works.
  • Monsters – List of all the monsters that are known so far.
  • Pet System - You can use pets to boost your monsters' stats and make them even more powerful in battle.
  • Islands – Everything you would want to know about the games levels.
  • Magic Stones - List of Magic Stones.
  • Training – Evolution, fusion, and everything else you need to know to get the best squad!
  • Bugs – Things to watch out for, or just silly mishaps.

Official Monster Squad trailer Edit

Official Monster Squad Trailer

Official Monster Squad Trailer

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