Attribute Normal Attr Icon Normal
Class A Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 802 N/A
ATK ATK Icon 121 N/A
DEF DEF Icon 88 N/A
REC REC Icon 220 N/A
MANA MANA Icon 120
Evolves From Star Eldrake
Evolves Into Void Eldragon
Evolve Material N/A
Location Elemental Island

Meteor Eldragon
Meteor Eldragon Icon
Star IconStar IconStar Icon
Rare Icon

Meteor Eldragon
Evolution Tree

Leader Skills
Stun Vital Point Strike
100% attack to single enemy, 25% chance of 1 sec stun
Heal All Howl of Ancient dragon
100% heal to an ally
Silence Claw of Ancient Dragon
200% damage to single enemy, 30% chance of silence
Support Skill
Bleed All Fire of Ancient Dragon
120% damage to all, level 2 bleed
Passive Ability

Increases All Monsters' Critical Chance by 10%

None Left Arrow Meteor Eldragon Right Arrow None

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