Attribute Fire Attr Icon Fire
Class S Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 4111 4865+1216 6945+1736
ATK ATK Icon 535 680+170 1080+270
DEF DEF Icon 164 164+0 164+0
REC REC Icon 612 931+232 1811+452
MANA MANA Icon 240
Evolves From Magroon
Evolves Into None
Evolve Material N/A
Location Evolution: First Stage Obtained on Robo Island - 14 (Hard)

Maktron Icon
Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Legendary Icon


"Punch! Punch! Punch with the fire in my heart!"
Evolution Tree

Maglavan Icon Right Arrow Magroon Icon Right Arrow Maktron Icon
Maglavan Magroon Maktron
Plus Icon Plus Icon
Flarell Icon Flamell Icon

Leader Skills
Cure Purify
Cures 1 status effect on all allies
Critical Up Total Critical Up
Increases team's Critical Hit by 10% for 20s
Shield All Advanced Total Basic
Absorbs damage to the team with a Stage 3 Shield
Attack All Flame's Fury
Attacks all with 200% ATK
Support Skill
Attack All Flame's Fury
Attacks all with 200% ATK
Passive Ability

Increases Fire Monsters' HP by 100%

Magroon Left Arrow Maktron Right Arrow Ghoulflame

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