Attribute Water Attr Icon Water
Class B Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 697 1219+304
ATK ATK Icon 108 195+48
DEF DEF Icon 68 68+0
REC REC Icon 183 357+89
MANA MANA Icon 120
Evolves From Ice-Cube
Evolves Into Freez
Evolve Material Whirlee
Location None

Ice-Crush Icon
Star IconStar IconStar Icon
Rare Icon

Evolution Tree

Ice-Cube Icon Right Arrow Ice-Crush Icon Right Arrow Freez Icon Right Arrow Freezr Icon
Ice-Cube Ice-Crush Freez Freezr
Plus Icon Plus Icon Plus Icon
B. Drank Icon Whirlee Icon Whirluus Icon
B. Drank Whirlee Whirluus

Leader Skills
Attack Charge
Attack with 100% ATK
Shield Shield
Absorbs damage with Stage 2 Shield
Attack All Summon Glacier
Attacks all with 100% ATK
Support Skill
Attack All Ice Needle
Attacks all enemies with 75% ATK
Passive Ability

Increases leader's DEF by 15%

Ice-Cube Left Arrow Ice-Crush Right Arrow Freez

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