Attribute Normal Attr Icon Normal
Class B Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 1101 1594+398
ATK ATK Icon 253 340+85
DEF DEF Icon 51 52+0
REC REC Icon 385 675+168
MANA MANA Icon 160
Evolves From Conairy
Evolves Into Conellia
Evolve Material Cuburak
Location Evolution: First Stage Found Lake - 8

Conelle Icon
Star IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Super Rare Icon

Evolution Tree

Conie Icon Right Arrow Conairy Icon Right Arrow Conelle Icon Right Arrow Conellia Icon
Conie Conairy Conelle Conellia
Plus Icon Plus Icon Plus Icon
Cubi Icon Cubat Icon Cuburak Icon
Cubi Cubat Cuburak

Leader Skills
Heal Weak Urgent Heal
Heals most hurt ally with 100% REC
Attack Black Bloom
Attack with 200% ATK
Heal All Total Heal
Heals all with 100% REC
Support Skill
Debuff All Advanced Null Magic
Removes all status boost from all enemies
Passive Ability

Increases leader's REC by 75%

Conairy Left Arrow Conelle Right Arrow Conellia

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