Attribute Fire Attr Icon Fire
Class C Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 490 722+180
ATK ATK Icon 144 260+65
DEF DEF Icon 29 29+0
REC REC Icon 127 243+60
MANA MANA Icon 120
Evolves From Burn Bonk
Evolves Into None
Evolve Material N/A
Location Volcano (Extreme)

Bonk Pyro
Bonk Pyro Icon
Star IconStar IconStar Icon
Rare Icon

Bonk Pyro Pic
Evolution Tree

Red Bonk Icon Right Arrow Burn Bonk Icon Right Arrow Bonk Pyro Icon
Red Bonk Burn Bonk Bonk Pyro
Plus Icon Plus Icon
O. Fruit Icon O. Drank Icon
O. Fruit
O. Drank

Leader Skills
Heal Weak Urgent Heal
Heals most hurt ally with 100% REC
ATK Up Random ATK Up
Increases a random ally's ATK by 50% for 20s
Attack Flame Spitfire
Attacks with 300% ATK
Support Skill
ATK Up Leader Offence Up
Increases leader's ATK by 50% for 20s
Passive Ability

Increases leader's ATK by 55

Burn Bonk Left Arrow Bonk Pyro Right Arrow Cinderpeep